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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"The voice of the trees" by A Wellman

As dusk set in, the sky burned crimson. Electrifying the air to the point where it was almost tangible. Setting the eerie yet perfect and repetitious atmosphere for, "story time". The human ear, it is just the mere wind, but to Nature, it is the excited and incessant rambling of the young ones.

To clarify Story Time: It is the sharing of knowledge. Shared by the story teller. The story teller always being a tree. A tree who is the wisest and oldest of them all.

The pixies join from their hollows, the soil rests where it is, the animals and plants find harmony amongst each other, the sky relaxes, the sun takes a deep breath, swalloing the remaining day, the water stills and mother earth smiles at her offspring. All is calm and all is serene. To the human ear the wind has died to a simple breeze, but to Nature the lecturer has begun his speech.

"Emily. Emily. Emily, my most beloved friend. Oh she was beautiful. Golden twirls that caressed her delicate face, while her sparkling eyes enticed anyone closer.
Emily came to me when she was very little. She came to me with her father, he tied a tyre to my branches and it made me very happy. Little Emily would swing for hours, smiling and laughing. Her locks flowing back and forth. She came to me with her mother, they were so similar. Same happy, care-free smile. The one that could make anyone smile alone no matter their problems. They would have tea parties under my shade, sometimes her teddies would join. They were very friendly and would chatter away with everyone, silently. She even came to me with boys, but that was when she was older. They would sit in each others' arms against my trunk and talk for hours. Until the sky turned pink and the mist swept across the forest floor.
Then she came to me in tears for her father had died. She sat in my branches crying and crying.
Eventually her mother came through the surrounding trees and took her home in her sleep. I didn't see her after that for a very long time. Years even.

Until one day I woke to Emily cradled over something that was nestling in my roots. It let out a high pitched laugh, identical to Emily's. It was Emily's new daughter.
I was so proud of how little Emily had turned out. They sat in my roots just enjoying life. It gave me great pleasure. That was the last day I ever saw Emily, but not Rebecca.

Rebecca came to me, just as her mother had done, and she still does."

Just then something rustled in the bushes across from the story tree. A beautiful, curly blonde-haired girl emerged and strode towards the old tree. She raised a hand and rested in gently on the chipped bark.
"Hello there old friend," Rebecca smiled.

To Rebecca, the wind brushes past her, covering and embracing her.


  1. Wow, that is really amazing! I really enjoyed reading that! :) xxx

  2. Very creative Lexi, enjoyed reading it - Nicole' Smith's dad.

  3. really really nice Lex :) Love the storyline :) It's way up my alley what with the nature stuff :) Where did you get your idea?

  4. Beautiful Lexi :)
    Love the way you told the story :)
    So gripping :)

  5. Hey:) thanks guys!!!!!!!
    Got the idea from my mum, she once said to me;"if the trees could speak, the stories they would tell."
    It's actually pretty cool to think about, because they so old.
    xx thanks again!!