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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"A Tea Party" by A Hess

A never-ending tea party
Is happening in Times Square
So what if we're all ghosts
And the living do not care!

Who needs to breathe?
Or who needs to touch?
It makes no difference
When we're all laughing so much!

To heck with the living
Enjoy your death!
If a living being could hear our jokes
They'd run out of breath!

Who needs drinks
or who needs food
when the guests can remove their heads
to lighten the mood?

When you're around forever
And insanity isn't rare
Might as well make the best of it
And have a never-ending tea-party in the middle of Times Square!


  1. Great poem! (Sonya here, by the way - can only comment as anon). Quite a stinging commentary on our lives and deaths, from an interestingly warped perspective. Very well done!

    May I ask whether you had any specific inspiration for this piece?

  2. thank you! i was just thinking of variouse random things like Alice in Wonderland(the teaparty scene), london, my gran. . . and decided to write a peom that i thought was fun, light hearted and a grim topic and something my gran would have liked