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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Unofficial Survivor's Guide to Bieber Fever" by C Thwaites

The aim of this post is just to open people's ears to some awesome music out there that happens to be made by Christians, that is not of the annoyingly-repetitive chapel variation, but rather something you would want to listen to in your spare time. I tried to put something in for everybody whethere you're into screamo, alternative, acoustic, hip hop, Justin Bieber -it's all here (except Bieber... I think we've all had enough of her, right?).

If you are like me then when you hear that these bands are Christian you kind of cringe, and am not sure you want to be preached at for three or four minutes for eleven tracks, so the bands I chose were the bands you would least expect to be god-fearing, with lyrics like: "just boiling in my blood," you wouldn't expect Paramore to be Christian but they very much are. If I've left out any of your favourite bands that happen to be Christian then please feel free to put it in the comments and spread the music.

Alternative Rock:
Paramore is a female-fronted (Hayley Williams) alternative rock band but is definitely not defined by it, for Hayley's voice overpowers even some of the best male-fronted bands. the lyrics are sincere, deep and are all hidden behind upbeat guitar riffs and catchy melodies, leaving you wanting more.
Their first album "All We Know" was made when they were all still in high school and it shows, their second album has to be their best: "Riot!" where they find their sound. Having gone multiplatinum with RioT!, their success did not end at their latest album: "Brand New Eyes" having also turned platinum has kept the band together. This can be seen in their song, "Ignorance" which contains some spiteful lyrics, but the album is not centered around this and it takes a turn for the better in songs like "Looking Up" which shows the band overcoming of their differences and continuing to write amazing music.

Underoath drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie branched out almost five years ago in an effort to create The Almost, a side project that was a significant step away from the metalcore sound of his original band. The Almost follows more of a traditional pop rock sound, which certainly allows Gillespie's clean vocal skills to have more of a focus -and deservedly so. The Almost has released two EPs since the initial full-length release (an impressive feat after only a few year's time)


House of Heroes has not only crafted one of the most intricate, yet catchiest pieces of music to come along in years, but they have also written what is a compelling World War II parallel designed to make us re-examine pre-existing notions on faith, God and country. "The End Is Not The End" is a lush undertaking... thought-provoking, engaging and at times, even epic.
Sounds like... an inventive, sometimes schizophrenic mix of alternative rock and power pop styles that resemble parts of Reliant K, Edison Glass, Weezer, Sanctus Real, Phantom Planet and Green Day.

House of Heroes still manages to keep their alternative pop/rock accessible and clearly grounded by their Christian worldview.


Post Hardcore:
Originality. From the generic "chug-chug" breakdowns every five seconds, to the annoying pig squealing, some may think there's no hope for the genre. That is where Sleeping With Sirens comes into play. Sleeping With Sirens are a young five-piece band who know how to write good music. Their debut album, "With ears to See and Eyes to Hear" displays just that. This ten song album displays so much talent, yet so much potential to take the music world by storm.


Flyleaf's sound is impressive. They are a hard rock band with a female vocalist, but they get away from that Amy Lee sound that has ruled the female rock scene. The music itself reminds me of Chevelle. It is drop-tuned guitars, heavy riffs, chubbing chords, etc. It is intense music. The music blends extremely well with the singer's voice. This is the first release by Flyleaf. the band is made up of four guys, a drummer, a bass player and two guitarists. Then of course, the female vocalist. Each song is a powerful and unique experience. You find yourself falling in love with the band after each new song. Another similarity to Chevelle is how the singer screams, but it is not something you'll hear in every song. She has an amazing scream, but it is not overused.


End of Silence 9RED) is a very rare breed of an album. Red couples blistering long metal rock songs with those heart wrenching ballads. The story behind the album is admitting to one's mistakes and accepting Redemption. The power ballad "Already Over" starts on piano and Michael barnes sings of how lost he is without whatever you interpret it as. The chorus swings in the electric guitar as Mike wails that it's already over for him. In retrospect, the last song of the album, "Already Over, Part 2" has the singer finally finding the redemption that he craved. the perspective in "Lost" has the singer telling God that he's lost and needs His help. The hit single "Breathe into Me" is a wailer.


Sounds like... a fusion of contemporary hard rock and metal with pop balladry, recalling the work of Evanescense, Creed, Jonah33, Seether, Seventh day Slumber and Stained At A Glance.
With top-notch production and faith-inspired themes relevant to a broader audience, Comatose just might be the most accessible album yet from Skillet, though some of the pop tendencies are a bit too soft.



  1. Another band that people wouldn't expect to be Christian is Creed.
    You also left out Fall Out Boy
    (that probably gave away my identity)