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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Gingers do have souls!" by S Tinelli

...shouts the odd ginger behind your computer screen in the YouTube window.

Discrimination against the average person who just happens to have carrot orange hair is something commonly known as Gingerism to the world today. Many very successful people in today's society have a ginger-coloured head of hair yet we discriminate against them because of this. They are not in any way different to us. Why do we do this, you may ask?

Well, to put it simply, as humans we are mean and we enjoy seeing others embarrassed. We do this because life is a cycle: we get picked on for our size, shape, our beauty or ugliness and so we return the favour to others. The only difference between gingers and the rest of us is that their hair colour is different.

We complain about differences every day through racism, sexism and any other discrimination, yet what would we do if there was no difference in this world?

"Variety is the spice of life" is what many say, yet we cannot seem to grasp the differences between people and then just accept them.

We as humans are so fussy that we tend to forget about the small differences between us that go unappreciated. For it is these differences between us that allow us to stay entertained in the rush of life. I mean, really, "discriminating against hair colour," is that what we have deteriorated to?


  1. Totally agreed Sash :/
    It is totally pathetic that we discriminate against hair colour, but you have to admit... all gingers have a... let's say... different side to the rest of us :)
    Well written Sashimi :)

  2. I completely agree with you Sash!
    If we have gingerism in the world today why don't we have blondeism and brunetism as well..
    I know a ginger who actualy calls herself a ginger just to make sure that everyone else thinks she's ok with it... shes not!
    A great story :)

  3. ...if you think about it though, blondes, brunets and gingers do have there discriminating comments... for instance, brunets are said to be normal people..right, wheras aren't blondes discriminated by there dumbness... just an input.