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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Confession" by S Linkov

Everyone's broken something.
Me, a rat's skull.
I'd found it, you know, just walking.
Thought I might keep it. With hollow teeth and those
enameled hoops where its eyes should be
and behind, space with no brain to speak of
it never made a sound. Maybe we'd be

I'm most myself when I'm breaking things.
I buck toy horses till their legs snap right off,
flush pills downt he drain. When I was five I
stood on a tadpole to see what would happen.
I'm a job-satisfied torturer. I'm a bawling
crass god. When I broke my leg, I laughed.

I hid the skull in my pack. As I took it out
white powder spilled out of its nose like
blood. Its teeth were jagged, the hoops
not quite hoop-like, one jaw I couldn't find.
My foot was Levite-angry. Splinters flew to
the coasts of Isreal. Then I got my breath back.

It's stupid. I tell myself to grow up. I started
a pottery class once. Fingering air bubbles
I made the children cry. I sketched a nude,
gave her a rack to lie on. Tore a book in two
to show just how strong I was. But that rat...
You really don't give half a damn, do you?


  1. OMG this is scary...

  2. reminds me of the poem 'stealing' by carol ann duffy for some reason... the content is quite original though. crazy stuff!

  3. SONYA!i loved it! really it was very funny and i enjoyed every second of it. i guess we have a funny sense of grim, cynical humor! hahaha! keep it coming i want a sencond poem to reply to this one from you!