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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"My Dreams" by A Hess

What's the point in dreaming
If the dream will disappear?
What's the point in believing
If it is something that you fear?

Can you imagine a field with roses
Without any thorns?
To see forever sunsets, nights of stars
And kissing dawns.

To forever be enchanted
By the magic that surrounds us
Without ever thinking of the fear
That constantly threatens to drown us

No slow and creeping insanity
That brings us tears and pain
But I guess it's not a problem
If you were never sane

To have a dream of candy-floss
Sugar fairies and happiness
To never have to think of others,
And to never have to stress.

To dream of fields of sugar roses,
And a soft blue sky
To live in bliss forever
And never have to die.

I cannot escape reality
But yet under silver moon-beams
I can still allow one pleasure
To the safety of my dreams.


  1. well done. I liked the realsim, the way you looked at your dreams, and hopes, and then reality. Very well done

  2. thank you. im glad that you liked it. it was fun to write


  3. Beautiful and so true. :)