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Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Are we human?" by N du Santos

There are many conspiracies which make us fearful of what each day will bring. Conspiracies such as "global warming", "the end of the world in 2012" and the search for "new planets". But while more than half the world focuses on these fantastical things, real people are dying, suffering every day in the streets of every country.

Countries spend millions researching our world just to conspire about when it is all going to end. We have been shown things that don't exist as an effort to make us fearful about things we don't know about -and this non-reality has become more of a focus in our lives than Reality. The reality that in many third world countries thousands of people are dying every day due to poverty, hunger and war. But all we care about is our own end in 2012 and about making sure that the planet survives, not its people.

The US government has spent a lot of money during the past few years on building spacecraft to reach the moon, on developing instruments to study stars and other planets but the findings are always either hidden from the public, or the public is fed meaningless information regarding these 'findings'. During the Cold War, Russia and America focused made their priority the construction of spaceships to reach the moon -costing more money ever spent by a government on a single project in history.

But in the real world, like Zimbabwe, people get beaten up and thrown off their land for standing up their government. People die for blood diamonds and oil.

The fact that we do not care as much about the suffering of real people as we do about what we can achieve, where we can go and what can kill us proves that humanity has learned to love material things more than we love Humanity.

We should forget about spending money on these projects and focus on looking after People. Governments should spend more money on helping its people than on trying to outshine other national authorities. We must learn to think about others.

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  1. Greatly written. I agree with you. The world should start to live in the present, and that will change the future.