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Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Is this friendship?" by J Chambers

Is this what friendship is meant to be like,
this constant affection,
so harsh that anyone who enters into it
is smothered and latched onto,
taken under.
The constant fighting over unimportant issues
or who's right?

The rivalry for people's attention,
the same someone that all of you like, always.

The unspoken competition over holidays, events, dresses
and boys, they always have to be better.

The fact that they never want to talk about it.
How can they expect you to drop it, to forget?
It's impossible.

The worst of it, however, is not in the issues, but in the repetition.
It would be bearable if it was every now and then,
but it seems to be consistent these days.
And I can't get away for a while
because I think I kind of love them you know.
In a way, they make my day interesting
and without them, life would be boring.

I just wish that I didn't love them,
because it's that or I'd have to ask them to change,
and I can't ask them to change you know,
because I'd hate it if I had to change.
I'm myself, and I like that.

Day by day I'm tested and know
that soon I'm gonna blow,
but for now, my love for them suppresses my anger,
my pain, my tears
and my heartache.

This is not friendship, it is the beginning
of a sisterhood.

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