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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Song of the dead" by A Hess

On a cold Thursday morn
Walking on a forgotten road
I smile and meet the dawn,
A calm, residing-abode

No footsteps disturb the pavement
Not even my own two soles
A never-ending silence along the cement
When something haunting calls

I pass a cemetary, the B'nB of the dead
To have a silent song come from its woods
A quiet melody - intruding in my ead
I see two footprints where someone once stood

A never-ending humming rings in my ears
Someone is out there
Indulging in my fears
Doing things I wouldn't dare

To whispier in someone's mind
To enfold them in your song
It's a song that will bind
Blind me even if it's gone

It goes against all beliefs
To have someone poking in your head
But it is the melody of the deceased
A loving song of the dead.


  1. Another brilliant poem, Alicky. Well done! Lots of talent and lots of originality, and, well, thanks for writing about Death, no-one else seems interested :)

    Sonya Linkov

  2. i doubt anyone would get the grim , twisted sense of humor you and i seem to share when it comes to poetry Sonya! we're just that funny!