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Sunday, January 30, 2011

You're A Shooting Star by S Swart

You're just like a shooting star
And I can make a wish on you.
Even though you're really far,
I can see my wish coming true.
You started from the bottom up,
I was right behind you and watched.
Then I started falling down and hit the ground
While you drank victory out of a golden cup.
Now I watch you shine and I close my eyes,
Whisper my big wish; send it up to the skies.
You're so beautiful when you light up the night
When I watch you shine is when my heart shines bright.
Shooting stars go forever up and never stop
When I'm sith you in the night sky I'll never again drop.


  1. awww! sweetie! that is so cute! well done! i loved it and i hope you write more.

  2. Very beautiful and poignant. Well done, Shannon!