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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's the cost that counts by J Chambers

The idea of a gift at Christmas has become a how of much you love or care for somoene through the cost of an item.
Instead of the traditional idea of the giving of a small token to thank someone for being in or contributing to one's life. It is no longer the thought that counts, it's the price tag that comes with it.

A father once saved up a bit of his hard earned money each month to pay for a dress for his daughter at Christmas. The dress cost a thousand rand but he had found a shop in town that sold the exact same dress for half the price which, even though it was a lot cheaper, was still out of this man's budget for Christmas presents. When it came to Christmas time he paid for the dress, really happy that he had in fact managed to save up enough to buy something that meant a lot to his daughter. The idea of making his daughter happy, made him happy.

When his daughter opened the present on Christmas day, she was delighted and immediately ran to put the dress on.

Ten minutes later she arrived back with the dress in her hand and tears streaming down her face.

"Why don't you love me?" she cried.

"Honey, I don't understand, you wanted this dress..." he replied feeling awfully sad to see her upset.

"No. I wanted the real one! This one's cheap. I obviously don't mean very much to you!" She stormed out of the room.

I hope this story got the message out to you. A smaller price tag on a gift doesn't mean that someone loves you less, just as a higher price doesn't mean that someone loves you more.
One must realise that a price doesn't show the extent of a person's love for you, it's the fact that they wanted a gift for you whether it was made, bought or passed down, it's the fact that they thought of you that counts.

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