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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I See The Sky by S Swart

I see the sky, I see what tomorrow holds.
I see it fade and go thick like my blood.
I see the smoke, the way the heat moulds,
I see inside and wash away the painful mud.
I see that my heart is broken,
I see that I'll still have palpable feelings,
I see that it's better to be outspoken
But I know it' just the way of human beings.
I see the way that I'm going
I know that I must not break down,
Sometimes you go best without knowing
When you are going to get back your crown.
I know the way I'm going to be,
I know for sure, it's what I see.


  1. Wow, very beautiful and moving. Also, well done for using the sonnet form in your poems, it certainly adds to them!

  2. well done! a true depiction of a teen's emotions. powerful last lines. keep writing