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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"The Youth of our Nation" by Gemma Tennick

We are today, we command tomorrow
Our words are what you should be following,
So don't that mean you got to be listening
To what we have to say?
We're the future, we've got to fit somewhere
You'll blame us if we sit and go nowhere
We're the ones who really matter,
At least that's what you always say.

You've put us in charge of climbing the ladder
But we've got no say in where that leads
You only care that we climb higher,
Cursing if we fall off course.
We speak up but you're not interested
Your version of our future is kind of twisted.
I mean, we don't really get to choose,
Does it even really matter to you?

You never know, we could have a solution
To global warming or even pollution
But you'll never know, 'cause you'd never ask
Maybe the world just lost its chance.

We're the ones who really matter
We're the ones who'll be in control
We're the ones who'll do it better
State of the world's proof of that.

Our voices are lost, just a buzz in the crowd
But still you shoult at us telling us to quiet down
On the other hand, "Stand up for what you believe in'
"Hey don't stand now, wait for the news guy to finish."
You really don't care, you're saying it 'cause you've got to
Why don't you see that's not what we want you to
We want you to listen and see our words do matter
We don't want to watch the fat cat get fatter.

Listen, we could say it a 1000 times,
A million. But our voices disappear into oblivion
You're more than just deaf if you can't hear the screaming
But don't you know you're losing, not winning.
You're losing us, you're losing what we have
Then it's our fault if things go bad
We can't be blamed if we never got a shot
To fix it all...and just give it what we've got.

Give us a voice and watch things change
It's time we moved into a brand new age
Stubbornness and pride will lead to your demise
Swallow it...teach us how to be wise.

We're the ones who really matter
We're the ones who'll be in control
We're the ones who'll do it better
The youth of our nation is proof of that.

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