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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Broken Beach" by S Storey

The sand between my toes
is reassuring,
but not comforting.
The jagged rocks taunt me;
bringing to my mind
unwanted memories.
I take another step
towards the water.

Bleach my thoughts,
taint them with hope.
Howl through my ears, wind,
and drown out my sorrows.
I feel unheard
as the broken glass and shells
cut my feet
like broken dreams
shred lives.
I take another step
into the water.

The waves wash away the blood,
the pain and despair.
The salt stings,
but cleans the wound,
A lonely seagull echoes my silent cries.
My salty tears stain my cheeks.
The waves hit the shore,
Crashing steadily,
like my beating heart.
I take another step,
My cleansed soul
finding peace.


  1. The layout of the blogspot is rather dull and boring, I would preffer something more vibrant and funky to attract the eye and make it fun to read.

    The poetry is really true to our youth and is something we can relate to.

    Lastly adding lyrics of song could also be seen as literacy and therefore is applicable to the subject.

  2. Very nice, very nice indeed.

  3. this is amazing. . .
    Brought tears to my eyes

  4. as a fellow Vox Populi contributer where we appreciate good grammar, proper elocution and good manners I would just like to say: HOLY CRAAAP!! This is amazing, in a few simple (relatively) words you were able to transport your reader to a place of pain and cleansing all in 24lines (ithink) a journey that usually takes a fat book. Well done.

  5. i love it! it is deep but very good!!

  6. Wow...that was amazing. You really made me feel the pain throughout the poem and the peace at the end.

  7. blasted my mind away!

  8. Interesting comparison to the beach! Good metaphors!

  9. Omg that was absolutely amazing! You have a future in writing. You obviously put a lot of thought into the wording and how to get the message accross. The poem itself is just so honest and reflects how soemtimes you just want to escape from life for a while. This is a subject that so many families can relate to especially in this time.

  10. wow, this is really good. i also write songs sometimes, but its nowhere near this level. I love this quote. "A lonely seagull echoes my silent cries."

  11. Absolutely amazing Simone! So Proud of you. xxx It's depth and hidden meanings are incredible and haunting. You have a real talent ;) The intimacy and the way in which you made it so real for the reader is outstanding. You amaze me...once again.
    Keep it up!

  12. You really have a talent for writing

  13. exquisite poem simone!i am envious of your talent. your use of language is brilliant. and your hidden meanings are haunting. keep writing this amazing stuff like you do. xx

  14. Definatly something high school students can relate to,very deep and long,but the longer the better