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Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Fences" by Sakura Nakada

Do give hope; do give pain.
They let you see what you can reach.
They let you see the unreachable.

They are "important work" you know,
"Important do our country.
You'll understand that some day."
It's simple.
They keep them out.
They keep us safe.
They make order out of chaos.
They make life black and white.

Like the air that smothers life,
Like the smell of burning bodies,
They are here and there
They are then and now
They are the fences that weave in and out
throughout history

The chuckles of amazement at life's small surprises extinguished by the
sound of
fleeing feet,
the fight for familiar faces' freedom.

What's the difference between that side and this one? Does it matter?
Only the choice of the hand of life and death
Only the lies and stories made up
Only the depiction of propaganda's prejudice and pitying pain
Only the division
Only the separation
Only the loss of humanity

Do give hope; do give pain.
They let you reach what you can see.
They let you see the unreachable.


  1. Very deep and meaningful. touching. outstanding effort sakury.

  2. Wow, not bad kido.
    i like the reppetivness.

    keep up the good effort

  3. an intense poem!
    very good i liked it alot!

  4. wow, really good. as i read it i wondered if the fences symbolized somthing deeper, like the seperation in the apartheid or something.

  5. wow, this poem goes really deep and is woderfully written. well done

  6. What an amazing poem. Who knew that someone could get so much inspiration form a fence. Yet all of it is so true. the metaphorical meaning of it is also really touching. my favorite line was "they let you see the unreachable". Really great. Keep writing!

  7. great poem, i enjoy the way you repeat your first stanza at the end again.very meaningful.