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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"The Future of Tomorrow" by S Storey

People say that the children are the future.
They whisper to each other,
Murming in soft voices,
Trying to understand.
Are there too many fears in the world,
For it to be brought to peace?
Are there too many
Young hearts, already filled,
With hatred?

What future are the children?
Are they the end to war?
Are they justice?
Are they the free spirit,
That everyone longs for?
Are they the heroes,
Who help and heal?

Or, are they a future of silenced heart beats.
Silenced songs.
Silenced voices.
Silenced to death.
Are they a suggestion, or a question?
Are they an exclamation?
Are they the statement of defiance?
What are they?
They are the key,
But also the lock.

They bring questions without answers.
They bring innocence and guilt.
They bring themselves,
Wanting, only, to be accepted.
They bring hope, perhaps doubt.
They bring the dream of the future,
A future already clouded with dreams, ambitions and challenges.
A future that is no longer tomorrow.

The future of tomorrow,
Belongs to today.
Here are the children,
Knocking on your locked doors.
Welcome them;
They are all you have.


  1. Very good S Story.
    remember me as i am your first comment

  2. Yet another great piece. Thought provoaking and questioning; challenging and slightly frightening. Are we the solution to past problems, or are we inadvertantly creating our own? Thank you, a pleasure to read and think more on.

  3. You are very creative, and good at writing poems. Your poems are are moving and touching.

  4. Very well written. Creative and innovative. You have talent.

  5. this is an amazing poem! It makes us as the younger generation feel loved,needed and special. :)

  6. this is such a nice poem to read because of how it makes us feel as the new generation,special and loved :) Simone, you are really talented, keep it up!

  7. Absolutely Superb. It makes me want to cry. You have an awe-inspiring way of touching the reader so deeply, it's scary. I also think the relevance and importance of it is great. It holds so much truth and brings to light things that people usuually shy away from. Your maturtity shines through in this poem, as well as your outstanding ability to paint the most perfect picture of what you are trying to say. Awesome :D x

  8. wow Simone, this poem in amazing and makes you really thoughtfull. well done

  9. Amazing again. That really makes you think of all the things that the children of tomorrow could be. It makes many people think of the potential of the future