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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"We cannot afford to lose" by Hayden Searle

No one saw it coming. It came out of the unknown and killed millions. We were not prepared. We were not warned. We didn't stand a chance. Years later some stood up, took a stand, fought for survival. But it seemed to be too little too late. With millions already dead and dying, could it be stopped?

Does this sound like a preview to a new Terminator movie? Maybe another apocalyptic prediction?

Well it has happened. And it is here.

After many years of fighting in every way we know how, without a cure and thousands more dying, we have found other methods to eradicate the Red Plague. And it seems as if we may survive, even win. Drugs can only prolong the sufferer's life, but they cannot stand against death indefinitely. Prevention has become the best way to survive the onslaught, and it is working.

But we need to remember that we are fighting the disease, not the people who are suffering from it. In these times of crisis, compassion, love and honesty are just as necessary in fighting the disease head on, as the pursuit of a cure. There are few ways that one can contract the virus, and things such as hugs or sharing a cup or fork with HIV positive people will not get you infected. Treat sufferers of the disease with love and compassion - they are not the disease.

We will defeat HIV and AIDS, we can win this war.


  1. Very true and such a mature outlook on the disease :)!

  2. Thanks :) we do need to be more vigilant as time wears on. It is often as we are winning we become slack.