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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Vegetarians vs Meat-etarians" by Lara Schulte

Are you vegetarian or are you a meat eater? Are you one of these for a reason, or just because it's part of your everyday life to either eat a scrumptious, juicy piece of meat or to eat a veggie burger? Are you wondering what the right choice is?

Personally, I strongly feel that being a vegetarian is a good thing. I am sure you didn't know that for every kilogram of meat, 4 000 litres of water was used? -Another thing we should consider to save more of -water. But that is slightly off topic.

Being a vegetarian is difficult though, especially in a country like South Africa. People here eat meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in between as a snack. South Africans eat biltong like it's part of their recommended daily protein allowance. Eating meat is like brushing your teeth; something you do without even thinking about it. But do they think about that cow that has been killed just to be put into one of those little Woolworths packets and consumed at break time by some child in some school in some place in South Africa?
But I'm not saying it's a bad thing to eat meat. On the contrary, actually.

Meat is the main source of protein for the human body. It is healthy and is needed in the daily diet of the average person. But, is it needed in such high quantities? Is it possible to eat meat but to eat only the necessary amount?
Of course it is. And so our simple conclusion is: eat less meat.


  1. Here is a good video on meat: http://meat.org

  2. I totally agree with you, people in South Africa do eat way too much meat, but only cause it's so good.

    I was a veggie for a while but couldn't resist bacon!

    Eat less meat, it makes a difference.

  3. This sounds like a topic for debate.
    Mr Curtis - Mr Esterhuyse: Sharpen your knives!

  4. The following short verse says it all:
    "For the Boxer Dogs of the Serengeti
    A traditional prey is the African Yeti.
    But (es)chewing tradition,
    In favour of nutrition,
    They have taken to eating spaghetti!"

    Drah-cir Sitruc

  5. There's nothing really to debate: it's to meat or not to meat! Like with anything else in life: meat in moderation can do no harm, and the same with veggies. The best is to find a healthy balance between meat and veggies, (and a tomato or two!), and then enjoy it. I can imagine that life without meat must be as boring as studying on a Saturday night! To feel sorry for the cow/pig/chicken/lamb/sheep/fish is a bit over the top - if we don't eat them, something else will! They WANT to be eaten, for goodness sake! So: next time you go to the shop, buy a good chop, go home, light the fire and BRAAI!!!! Enjoy!

  6. Thank you for the comments and the short verse- i'm glad you feel the same way that I do(excluding Mr Esterhuyse of course :)). I understand what you mean, but i'm not saying that one should totally give up meat- just eat less. If everybody eats less meat, then there will be less animals killed around the world.
    I'm sure everybody agrees that that would be good thing!

  7. I would be interested to find out the stats -like, by How Much has the number of Vegans and Vegetarians INCREASED over the last.... say, 30 years? And I also think we need to make sure we understand the difference between Vegetarianism and Vegan-ism. What is the difference?

  8. Veganism is diet that excludes ALL animal based products or products derived from animals. So basically that means no eggs or milk or cheese. Vegetarianism only excludes meat.
    A very interesting book based on years and years of research by Dr Campbell called The China Study, looks at how cancer is related to high protein consumption

  9. If less animals are killed less animals will be bred as well so it kind of equals out don't think you will save a life by eating less meat you will only cause less animals to be born