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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Moonless" by Simone Storey

I sit alone under the sky,
My soul echoes my heart's cry.

Footprints lead nowhere in the sand,
Cold reaches out its opening hand.

I accept and filled with chill,
I shiver now, numb with thrill.

The night too long, I canot hope
I wonder, how will I cope?

The beach is empty, no smile of joy,
Only dark is left - ready to destroy.

The waves still crash and thrash and beat,
Against me now, as I drown in defeat.

Brave lights shine far, far away,
Meek stars glitter - too scared to play.

Time walk away, leaving me behind,
Who knew Time to be so unkind?

I refuse to have my soul bought,
Bug gasp with breath so short.

For a single moment there is no light,
I sit alone on this moonless night.


  1. this is really good. I love your diction and use of personification :)

  2. Simone this is the third one of your poems I am reading on the blog and I really like what you do with words. Please send some more pieces through and maybe you have like, an essay or a longer piece that would be cool to read.