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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Untitled" by Matthew Webber

I like trees
They are cool
If you don't
Then you're a fool

Trees are tiny
Big and small
Play with trees
You'll have a ball

Tie them down
Make them bend
If you're nice
They'll be your friend

You can climb them
Up and down
But don't fall out
Or you will frown

Now everybody
Hug a tree
'Cause if you do
You'll be like me

And if you tell them
That you care
They will go
And a hug a bear

Bears are cuddly
Cute and nice
But I gotta tell you
They don't like mice

'Cause mice are naughty
Crazy beasts
They run around
And have a feast

They steal your lunch
And take your food
They're not even hungry
They just wanna be rude

That is why
I don't like mice
That is why
Mice are not nice.


  1. this is classical literature.

  2. so random and funny. I was expecting very serious poems on blogspot, but then I read this. sorry, but its not that good, but its very relaxing and the reader does not think hard

  3. very funny,random but very good this is definatly one of the best

  4. Well done, that rhymed perfectly and was exciting to read. PERRRRRRFECT!