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Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Painting the Town: Part 1" by H Hamilton

Today we have so many ways to express ourselves: we update our facebook status, twitter and blog. The internet lets us feel like the world is listening, but the truth is that they're probably not. We can paint a picture or write a poem, but to get any real recognition we have to follow some kind of standard regulation and hope for the best that someone will see our talent.

When artists paint the walls of the town they are not only using a canvas that society is forced to see, they are using it to say 'this is who we are and this is what we have to say.'

Please peruse the following pics of the latest graffiti to hit the streets of Cape Town and enjoy the visual stimulus.


  1. dit is baie aweh Hannah.
    maar is baie kort.skryf bietjie meer man...toe man!

  2. Expressing ourselves is a day-to-day ritual and i agree with this article that it is challenging for others to notice us.

  3. i think that graffiti can be so cool, if it's done properly, if its not ugly or harmful things written or drawn. if the graffiti is done in a way that it's actually artistic, i think that it can be beautiful, and i would also like to try it one day.